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Complete package includes Ancient Elements Incense and wooden display.

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The Sun’s Eye Ancient Elements incense display is a wooden unit with Sun’s Eye branding on the base. It comes filled with six boxes of each of the 12 fragrances and also includes 144 samples (2 per box). The display unit and samples are free with the purchase of 72 boxes of incense, which is the amount needed to fill the display.

Sun’s Eye Ancient Elements Incense is created using the masala tradition, which originates from ancient India and uses natural, plant-based ingredients to create an incense stick that is truly of this earth. The process begins with grinding plant ingredients into a powder. Oils are then mixed into the plant ingredients, resulting in a dough that is rolled onto a bamboo stick. The final step is a light coating of aromatic wood powder.

Safety precautions
Light the coated tip of the incense stick and then immediately extinguish the flame. Place the stick in an incense holder, on a fireproof surface, and away from children, pets, drapes, and all flammable materials. Do not place on varnished, painted, or plastic surfaces. Never leave a burning incense stick unattended.

Our formulas are based on traditional and time-honored associations which are mindfully crafted with intention in mind.  Our products are tools to remind the user of their intention.  No guarantee of results is implied.

Country of origin: India.

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